Healing human spirits through the power and imagination of puppets is the new work I am delving into! I have witnessed the inner child emerge, defenses fall aside and vulnerability open when in the presence of a puppet spirit who is able to connect to the energy of a participant in their story. Bypassing ego and going to the heart is possible when all accept there is more at work that what is visible to the eye. Being present one to one can be a journey of self discovery, remembering the power of play and a deep knowing we are all in this life stream together.

Currently I am birthing a new puppet energy that is certain to bring joy and open hearts and when he is ready to join the others, I will share their stories. This goes beyond performance as I believe puppets are a healing art and so together we heal spirits one moment at a time.

We are now in challenging times when our creativity and vulnerability have never been so intertwined. I have been happy to offer healing spirits through my puppet cast to help put a smile on a face in real need of a emotional break even if just for a moment. Moments of joy add up and give us the strength to carry on. To date I have done birthday videos, videos to cheer seniors, videos to help school staff, videos that just say hi and I see you and have a great day and many more.

Meanwhile stay safe and wash your hands!

If you are interested in purchasing a personal video for your loved one please contact me for more details.